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 Botterill Research Inc. is a genealogical research company offering a very unique service to Trust Officers, Attorneys and private clients.

Our professional genealogists have been locating missing heirs for Trust and Estate purposes for over fifteen years on a consulting basis.

Our company has been involved in a number of research projects, including:

  • identifying and locating individual missing heirs \ beneficiaries (direct searches)
  • identifying and locating groups of missing heirs \ beneficiaries (single and multi-level searches)
  • locating and obtaining relevant documentation to prove family identities (i.e. - certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, census and probate records and other miscellaneous records)
  • conducting research in Canada, the United States and overseas.
We are successful in locating the missing heirs \ beneficiaries in the majority of cases. In the absence of a paper trail and\or when identifying information is very limited, clients are provided with detailed due diligence reports when the heirs \ beneficiaries cannot be located.

Our clients are updated on a regular basis regarding the progress of the research. Upon completion of the research, our clients are provided with reports or affidavits (depending on individual client requirements), documentation located during the research, as well as computer generated genealogical charts.

Our fees: Clients are billed only for the pre-authorized research time and the pre-authorized disbursements fees which are utilized during the research. If we find your missing heir \ beneficiary in one hour then we only bill you for one hour. Payment is accepted by Visa, Canadian cheque or money order.

How to contact us for a quote:

E-mail: Botterill@shaw.ca
Phone: (250) 545-0642 from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time

Mailing address:
Botterill Research Inc.
Suite #250, 3104 - 30th Avenue
Vernon, B.C., V1T 9M9

We will be happy to provide you with testimonials from Trust Officers, Attorneys, and\or private clients upon request