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Birth index: 1854 - 1903
Marriage index: 1872 - 1941
Death index: 1872 - 1996

A search of BC birth, marriage and death indices, as well as several corresponding vital record images can be checked online.

Birth, Engagement and Obituary indices
1985 - 1991

Our online index of birth, engagement and obituary listings for the Vancouver area, covering the years of 1985 -1991, inclusive, can be checked here. (Please be aware that this index is not a complete listing of all Vancouver area birth, engagement and obituary notices). If you are looking for a specific birth, engagement or obituary notice that you believe may be referenced on our online index, send us an e-mail and provide us with the name of the individual, their age and last known residence, and the names of any family members that you suspect may have also been mentioned in the notice. We'll review the notice from our end to see if it may be the one you are looking for. If a match can be made and you would like to become aware of the exact publication date, the name of the paper and the information within the notice, please:

1. Forward payment using the PayPal Buy Now button below. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this feature, but will need a valid credit card.

2. Or, mail us a Canadian cheque or money order in the amount of $7.00, payable to “Leanne Botterill”. With this request, enclose a self-addressed-stamped envelope (if you want a copy sent by mail as well as by e-mail). Include your e-mail address and phone number.

3. Mail the details of your request, including the name referenced on the index, the type of notice (birth, engagement or obituary) and the year the notice appears on the index to:

Leanne Botterill
Botterill Research
#250, 3104-30th Ave.
Vernon, BC V1T 9M9

VANCOUVER, BC Obituary indices - 1992 to present

If you would like to have a search done for an obituary announcement that you suspect may have appeared in a Vancouver newspaper sometime from 1992 - present, send us an e-mail. Provide us with the full name of the individual, their date of death (even an approximate year of death may be helpful), their last known residence, their age at the time of death, and the names of any other family members that may have been noted in the obituary. This identifying information can be very important, especially with common names. An index search will be done at no charge.


If you would like our firm to conduct genealogical research, whether in Canada, the United States and\or internationally, please send us an e-mail with the details, and a research estimate will be provided.